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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hotels and Hotel Booking Sites

Before imagining yourself snowboarding at Vail, Colorado or sunbathing at the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico, make sure to get your travel planned first. It is a known fact for sure that a typical travel plan would consist of looking for the perfect location, travel companion and of course, an excellent accommodation.

However, with hundreds of meta-search engines that can direct you to whatever kind of hotel rooms, this hotel booking activity can be overwhelming and yes, stressful. You will surely find yourself browsing to sophisticated rooms, hotels near your location then those with a cheap hotel booking. Make sure not to give up because these are all part of your search for the ideal hotel that would complete your dream vacation trip.


“But how can I say that I actually find a great hotel deal?”

“Should I go to the cheapest or with a 5-star hotel service?”

“What hotels offer the best accommodations?”

“How can I make use of hotel booking sites to get a grip on the best hotel for my family?”

If these questions still bother you, then let this guide help you know ALL essential traveler information to make your hotel stay worthwhile. Now, start your search with knowing what hotel features you should seek for.

Finding the Best Hotel Features

If you just book a hotel for the reason that you just want your family to have some place to stay, then there is a big chance that you will regret your decision later on. Mind you, but there are still other factors that are worth considering if you want nothing but the best hotel. You do not wish to stay in a filthy room, right?

  1. Good Location

Obviously, you would want a hotel room that is close to the place you are visiting to. However, the search for a nearby hotel to where you wanted to be can be so difficult than you could ever imagine. Great thing, Google provides a location feature that allows you to find the nearest hotel to a specific location. You just need to search, “hotels near me,” and Voila! You have your list of hotel rooms. Just make sure to read heaps of reviews to assure it is in the safe part of the town or if there is an emergency hospital close by.

  1. Reasonable Rate

With the help of hotel booking sites, there is much ease in reviewing hotel rates and facilities. Learn how to compare rate inclusions of different hotels. Basically, nobody would ever choose a hotel deal which entails extra charges beyond the agreed package deal. You also need to take note that there is no enough assurance that expensive hotels are better than the cheap ones. Booking sites can be your travel partners to see which can is worth every penny. These can also provide answers to some of your hotel-related questions through gathered information from the hotel themselves.

  1. Great Amenities

Wi-Fi connection or Television with cables can be the things that you will look for once you enter a hotel room. Identify what kind of room and room amenities would best fit your type of vacation. A hotel might have a bar, coffee shop, pool, meeting rooms, or sauna baths. It all depends on how great and smart you would be at comparing them that can actually make or break your travel experience.

  1. Friendly Staff

Who would not appreciate friendly and accommodating hotel staff? Consumer Psychologist Simon Moore expressed how he and most travelers would feel belongingness if they are greeted with smiles and chats by hotel staff. Excellent service satisfies visitors even more when added with wonderful social gestures.

  1. Cleanliness

Old saying might it be, but cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness when it comes to hotels. Do not let bed bugs, cockroaches, or stingy comfort room ruin your hotel stay. Sleeping in a comfortable bed or to a relaxing room ambiance after a day of exploring is still the best feeling. Thus, check out for negative reviews that some travelers left for you to learn and remove such hotels to your selection.

So, after you are equipped with factors that must be taken into consideration before making a hotel reservation, then it is now time to focus on the real search. Apparently, hotels around the globe are getting more and more expensive. With travelers who had invested much money for their trip, this will never be a problem. But, for those who are on a budget, finding the cheapest hotel room with a five-star rating and a three-star price is absolutely a great deal.



Cheapest Hotels Five Star around the World

  • Kavalier Boutique Hotel

Just in case your trip would be set in Lviv, the little Paris’ of Ukraine, you never have to worry about a great place to stay. The Kavalier Boutique Hotel stands toe-to-toe with other amazing hotels - 5 star - in the world, and of course, at a reasonable price. Its sophisticated Victorian décor, plush robes, heated bathrooms floors, and fresh breakfast every morning makes it unbeatable and worth considering. Kavalier also provides incredible activities like a tour in a local castle, a remarkable outdoor pool and tennis area. Lviv was recently tagged as one of the low-cost places to live in the world. Therefore, it is an excellent place to visit, and the great Kavalier hotel too. Remember to pop in when the sun is at its greatest – on summer – to appreciate the place even more.

  • Agriturismo Val di Boccio

If you happen to have love France and its vibrant art along with its fashion culture, make sure to take note of the idyllic hotel to stay on among these visits. Luckily, a place like Agriturismo Val di Boccio exists. The hotel is situated in Perugia in Gubbio and stands fascinating with its old farmhouse structural resemblance. The location could be pretty small, but it is one good reason to feel the warmth and love of each other’s company. You can take a good and refreshing walk as the Agriturismo’s outdoor has a large pasture to explore. The hotel rate goes only a hundred dollars for three people which makes it even more laudable.

  • I’M Hotel

The Philippines are also known for its great 5-star hotels at an affordable price. One of these prestigious hotels are located in Makati City, a 1st class highly urbanized city in Metro Manila. What makes I’m Hotel unique from the others is its Tokyo vibe. Experience relaxing onsen spa, jellyfish bar, birdcage loungers, etc. without spending half of your trip allowance. While feasting on palatable food and drinks on-site, satisfy your eyes with the fantastic view of the city. Definitely, a place you would fall in love with.

  • Herkuleshof

A fairytale-like vacation is a dream of couples or maybe newlyweds. If you are in Europe, make sure to check out the mythical hotel located in Reibeck, Austria. Reviews from travelers had testified to how this hotel has a significant contribution in making their trip more memorable. The hotel is on the top of a small mountain, surrounded by small restaurants and stores. The architectural style of the place makes it look like a small village in Italy. Apparently, your 45 dollars is worthy of the romantic and homey ambiance that Herkuleshof promises you.

  • Terra-Khaya Eco Lodge

Some would consider a perfect vacation if they would be far away from the things that make them stressful. Thus, if you are looking for a place free from the city's pollution and noise, then Terra-Khaya Eco Lodge is one of the best options. One would feel instantly the comfort, solidarity, and peace that the place brings as it is 100% off the grid. Make the most out of your stay if you get rid of your electronics and enjoy the wildlife sceneries as well as eco-friendly activities that the hotel offers. Terra-Khaya Eco Lodge surprises you with their rate of only 10 dollars per stay with fantastic inclusion of free breakfast.

  • Graffit Design Hotel

Vogue. Modern. Contemporary. These three words will definitely come into your mind when you happen to pass by Graffit Design Hotel. The exterior design of the hotel has a mix of suburban vibe, archetypal structure, and an interior of a multi-faceted paradigm which perfectly fits the modern traveler in you. Located in the heart of Varna, this modern 5-star hotel is about 400 meters away from the coast of the Black Sea next to the bus stop going to Golden Sands. The Graffit Design Hotel is well-known for its conventional ambiance, from the room to its furniture designs. It has a non-smoking, air-conditioned room with cable television and free Wi-Fi access. There’s also a massage room, sauna, and fitness center for the guests’ relaxation and convenience.

  • Native Village Inn, Philippines

When in Banaue Philippines, having the local’s lifestyle should be included in one of your to-do lists. One of the go-to places that will put a checkmark on your to-do list is the Native Village Inn that is situated 9 km from downtown Banaue near the village of Uhaj, inbound to the municipality of Hungduan. Native Village Inn is the perfect place to be in if you and your companions are searching for native huts to stay in. Native Village Inn is committed to giving every guest excellent service and practical amenities. They have a blissful and relaxing garden and a balcony which is an ideal place if you and your friends want to chill. You can also enjoy hiking nearby the mountains and terraces. If you want to experience the real Philippine culture, consider Native Village Inn as one of the hotels you should visit.

After knowing the cheapest hotel in the world, let us delve into the top reasons why most people would prefer booking cheap hotels for a week's trip.

Top Reasons to Book Cheap Hotels for a Week

  1. Business Trip

-      Business travelers would usually book a hotel to conduct corporate or face-to-face- meetings. When it comes to picking for the right hotel, these corporates prefer hotels with simple and fast service regardless of price. They may not be picking up the tab, but companies do really care about their accommodation expenses. They are also eager to see which hotel can conform to their policy and meet their needs without spending many accounts.

  1. Family Vacation

-      If you are looking for the best way to bond with your children, you may want to book cheap hotels for a week. Yes, for a week! Discover amazing attractions and appreciate the company of each other without hurting your family budget for the month. Some of the classy hotels offer a considerable family rate helping you survive and enjoy more your whole week's trip.

  1. Soul Searching

-      Being stressed out is one of the reasons why an employee or a student would prefer going on a vacation. They believe that a trip alone would help them relax and unwind – which is true! Apparently, as a solo backpacker, finding the most accommodating and a budget hotel is an essential part of the travel. If you are lucky to spot one, you got to make the most out of it. Just make sure to head back to work or school afterward.

Searching for a place to stay for your next trip nowadays isn’t that much hard if you have enough knowledge of where to look for one. What you just have to do is to look for a particular booking site, type in your destination, pick your date of travel and that’s it.

Cheap Hotel Booking Site

Finding the most affordable hotel room is a tough challenge. But with the help of online booking sites, everything is just a click away!So, if you are planning to travel and you want to save big time, consider choosing the kind of booking site that would benefit you a lot. Thus, is your best booking site option!Start booking now and enjoy your next travel!


Please contact your hotel if you have any questions


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